Writing habits in English

Do you ever write notes? An agenda, quotes, shopping lists, future projects, personal diaries, and so on? You can start doing it all in English, no matter whether it is on paper or digital.

This way, you'll have to learn words and expressions more relevant to you than the vocabulary in  textbooks.

How to remind yourself to write in English

In the case of paper, I would recommend you to take all your notes in the same notebook or agenda. Write a small E, standing for English, on the corner of every paper. This will be your reminder, whenever you have you take something down.  .

As to the digital world, you can get started by thinking of an image that reminds you of English and setting it as your desktop wallpaper. It can be an English or US flag, monument like the Big Ben of the Statue of Liberty.

Use online dictionaries such as Google Translate, WordReference or The Free Dictionary when you are not sure on how to put down certain expressions.

You may end up like me, with a desktop is full of text files for personal projects and ideas, a mess that never gets cleaned off :D

Remember: Learning a language takes many hours using it in a real context, so you'd better take up these habits!