Why Skype?

Advantages of learning English on Skype

New technologies have made it possible to have lessons with a private English teacher anywhere at any time. However, many students find it strange to sit at a computer and talk to someone thousand of miles away, and to transfer money online to someone you have not met face to face. Let's analyse why they are wrong.

Quality of learning:
Skype includes videoconference via webcam, the possibility of taking notes in the message box, and quick access to all the text, audio and video files in the teacher's computer. Unless you have a very slow Internet connection, you won't miss any aspect from face-to-face lessons. There are the odd technical problems now and then, but in such cases lessons can be easily rescheduled.

Flexibility and price:

The lack of commuting (use of transport) to the student's place involves saving up plenty of time which allows the teacher to stay at home, reschedule and fit in more lessons, and reduce the price. Busy executives with demanding and ever-changing agendas will find this flexibility very convenient. Lessons can also be arranged early in the morning, late in the evening and at weekends.

All resources on demand:
All the resources of the Internet and digital files on the teacher's computer will be available. Whenever an important mistake or question arises during a lesson, all these materials can be used at the moment.

You may find it a bit suspicious to transfer money to someone sitting a long distance from you. That's why we have established a one-hour trial lesson, completely free of charge for all new students. Following payments will be transferred by bank transfer or Paypal. Contact us to get yours:

Skype: classesonskype
Email: classesonskype@gmail.com

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