Exercise - Future with Will or Be Going To

Lesson: Will or Be Going To.

Fill the verb in brackets to fill the blanks using the right tense. Key answers in comments.

What ­­­_________ (I) do when I retire?

Who else ­­­_________  do the night shift?

We all know who ­­­_________  pay the consequences.

Which team ­­­_________ win the championship this year?

He ­­­_________ (not) arrive on time, ­­­_________ he?

Ann told me that she ­­­_________  quit her job.

Some friends ­­­_________  come over to play videogames.

It's OK! I ­­­_________  do the shopping and you ­­­_________  do the cleaning.

We ­­­_________  play basketball this evening. ­­­_________ you join us?

Come on! I ­­­_________(not) wear that dress! It's ridiculous!

Don't worry. I ­­­_________ send it to you as soon as I finish it.

Sorry, I can't attend the meeting. I ­­­_________  visit a client at that time.

I heard on the news that Northbank ­­­_________  open offices in Japan.