Verbs: The six most common English verb tenses in one chart

Make sure your English doesn't sound too broken. Use the main verb tenses properly.

Welcome readers to the first post of my blog, on which I'll try to help and encourage you to bring your English to its best.

Six important verb tenses in English

The way many learners speak doesn't sound very fluent, often hard to understand. One of the main reasons is that they use a very limited number of tenses. Some only use present and forget about past and future:

Present        I speak (Present Simple)
Past            I spoke (Past Simple)
Future         I will speak (Future with Will)

These tenses are very common in written English, although you should add three more tenses when speaking.

Present        I speak (Present Simple)     I am speaking (Present Continuous)   
Past            I spoke (Past Simple)          I have spoken (Present Perfect)       
Future         I will speak (Will)               I am going to speak (Future with Be Going To)   

The following posts will teach you how to understand the difference between them:

Present Simple vs. Present Continuous
Past Simple vs. Present Perfect
Will vs. Be Going To

And here is a link where I explain the differences between tenses used in written and spoken English.

Since native speakers always contract auxiliary verbs, you should also do it. This way you will improve your listening.

I speak          I'm speaking       
I spoke          I've spoken   
I'll speak        I'm going to speak   

Make sure you use the right auxiliary verb when you make negative sentences and questions.

I speak                   I'm speaking
I don't speak.          I'm not speaking
Do you speak?        Are you speaking?

I spoke                    I've spoken
I didn't speak           I haven't spoken
Did you speak?        Have you spoken?

I'll speak                  I'm going to speak
I won't speak           I'm not going to speak
Will you speak?        Are you going to speak?

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