'Most people' or 'Most OF THE people'? 'Most times' or 'most OF THE times'?

In these cases, 'most people' or 'most of the people' mean 'almost everybody'. They are used in different situations, and commonly mixed up by learners.

Most people - Without 'of the', people in general.

Most people like chocolate.
Most people work in the morning.
Most people try to improve their English.

Most of the people - With 'of the', specific group of people.

(Generally followed by that, who)
Most of the people who work at an office, have lunch at work.
Most of the people (that) I've met in this town are very kind.
Most of the people who work at Eurotech speak English as a second language.

The same pattern applies to other nouns:
Most times I only carry cabin luggage.
Most of the times (that) I travel by plane, I only carry cabin luggage.
Most learners pronounce this word wrong.
Most of the learners in this classroom pronounce this word wrong.

Exercise: 'most' or 'most of the'

Answers below, in the first comment.

Most _______ days I catch the tram.
Most_______  people work in the service sector.
Most _______ people who play rugby are really strong.
Most _______ times I talk to you, you just don't listen.
Most _______ internet users search information on Google.
Most _______ mobile phone service providers are a real headache.
Most _______ times I went to their office, I had to queue for long.
Most _______ companies I've worked for don't offer any career plan.