Exercise on Present Perfect and Past Simple

Use the verb in brackets to fill the blanks using the right tense. Key answers in comments.

I think I __________ (see, never) any of his films.

We __________ (not talk) to each other since we __________ (have) that argument.

I __________ (be) to Italy a couple of times, once to Rome and once to Milan.

Unfortunately, we __________ (not find) a nice apartment yet.

Arthur __________ (do) a road trip all across Thailand last summer.

I __________ (go) shopping on Sunday, but all the shops __________ (be) closed.

How many times __________ (I tell) you to clean the tub after you have a shower?

When __________ (be) the last time you __________ (do) something crazy?

Ms Richards __________ (found) the company in the early 2000s.

I __________ (join) the team in September, but __________ (not play) any game yet.

The alarm __________ (go) off when the burglars __________ (break) into the shop.

I __________ (live) in France five years ago, but I __________ (not speak) French ever since.