English conversation classes on Skype or Telephone

How is it possible that you haven't mastered the English language yet, in spite of spending years studying English at school or University? You feel completely ashamed to speak, even though you have passed lots of exams and your writing is fairly good.

Unfortunately, the approach to learning languages at most schools largely overlooks conversational skills, therefore most learners' speaking and listening levels are far worse than their reading and writing. Consequently, conversation lessons with native-English speakers are the most demanded service at internetenglishclasses. Our focus is on speaking and corrections, in order to achieve:

- Fluency: the only to improve your speaking is to speak, speak and speak.
- Pronunciation: many corrections on your pronunciation, accent and tone.
- Listening; get used to a native speaker's accent.
- Vocabulary: avoid literal translations and use more natural expressions.
- Grammar: thorough explanations, only to correct your most frequent mistakes.

By the end of the lessons, our students get a long list of notes about the corrections explained during the lesson. For you to try it out, we have established a one-hour trial lesson, completely free of charge for all new students. 

Subsidised online Business English courses (in Spain)

Finance your online English classes with Spain's government subsidies for ongoing professional training in companies.

Contact us to get yours:

Skype: classesonskype
Email: classesonskype@gmail.com

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