English Vocabulary List for Negotiations

People involved

a salesperson, salesman, saleswoman
a sales rep = sales representative
a key account manager = in charge of a big client

a buyer, a purchase/procurement manager
the purchase/procurement department
a supplier (of goods/products),
a provider (of services), a contractor

a business partner 
an affiliate = collaborator within a large program/scheme
a joint venture = do business together/jointly
to go INTO business with = to partner with, team up with
to cater (= provide services for) big corporations/SMEs

an ad-hoc service = a one-time/one-off/standalone project
a recurrent (= regular, repeating) order, a regular client
a VIP (=very important) client

B2C = business-to-customer services
B2B = business-to-business services
SMEs = small and medium enterprises
SOHOs = small office and home office
work in retail = for final consumers/families/households

Early stage

to facilitate some references
to refer someone TO someone
to show samples of your work, a portfolio, a catalogue
give/provide further information
give an insight INTO something

to sit around the negotiation table = to enter negotiations
to announce/state your goals/view/stance/position
let's get DOWN TO business = start negotiations
to get TO the point = focus on the important matters

to start/announce a request for provider
to select a provider through a contest
a (public) procurement process = selection of provider
to brief a client = to detail the request
to provide (= send) a briefing ( = instructions)

the contestants/applicants
to bid = to send you business and economic proposal
to make an offer/bid/proposal
to send a quotation/budget = estimated cost for the service

to do a screening (= to filter out) candidates
to dismiss (= leave out/rule out) a candidates
to make a shortlist of candidates
to make a draft (= early version) of the contract/proposal
to give the go-ahead (= approval)
to deploy (= to go live, launch, implement) the solution

Talking  money

to bargain, to haggle over the price = to push prices up/down
what a bargain! = a great price/deal
this is our starting/final price 
to make an aggressive offer
to secure a project = make sure you get it
to cut/push the price DOWN
to lower/cut DOWN your profit margin

tell me your best price
the bottom line = my final price, my last price
"This is my bottom line. Take it or leave it."
to dump prices = cut prices so much you run at a loss
to engage (= participate) in price dumping/a price war
to run INTO debt = to go into the red, to run at a loss

to meet/fulfil your obligations/expectations/standards
to comply WITH/abide BY (=respect/observe) the law
be complaint, be in compliance with the law/regulations
service level agreement, SLA = rewards and penalisations depending on performance
to establish (=set, define) a trial period, to be on trial

to work on a commission basis, get a commission rate
get it IN writing = a hard copy, on paper
to draw UP (=produce, elaborate) a contract/an agreement
to come TO (=reach, obtain) an agreement

Conditional sentences:
If ... = to establish a condition
Unless ... = to break the condition
As long as / provided that ... = the condition is respected over a long period


a tough meeting/negotiation/speaker = hard to convince/deal with
to be pushy = be determined/resolute/set out to achieve something
to hold ONTO/cling ONTO your position

to be soft, be bland, be a pushover (negative)
to give IN/cave IN = to make (too many) concessions
to compromise = be flexible, make concessions, see reason
have the upper hand = have more negotiation power
to impose your conditions UPON others


a sticking point = a matter of concern/conflict, a controversial point, a thorny issue
to pull OUT from a negotiation/from the negotiation table
to pull BACK = change you mind at an advance stage, back away, retreat, recoil
to turn DOWN (= reject, decline) an offer

to claim (= request) a compensation for damages
to claim a refund/reimbursement for the inconvenience
to fill OUT a complaint form = a formal written complaint
to refund/reimburse (=give back) the money
to reward (= give money) or penalise (= take away money)

to settle (=resolve) differences, to iron OUT differences
a settlement = an economic compensation
to settle a legal dispute


to bring someone AROUND to your positions/ideas
to win someone OVER = to gain their backing/support
to talk someone INTO doing something = to convince/urge/compel/encourage
to gain their favour/trust/confidence

to assent (=accept), to concede
to meet halfway = both sides compromise, make concessions
to see reason = be reasonable, make a sensible decision
to move AWAY from your initial demands

to seek a consensus, to find common ground
we see eye to eye on this matter
we are on the same page  on this issue
to close/strike a deal = to sign the agreement, cut a deal, sign

this is a win-win situation = beneficial for both
to create sinergy = a mutually beneficial relationship
to pull together (= collaborate) into the same direction


to make an upfront payment = before starting work
to pay by installments = divided into smaller payments, usually monthly
to apply a discount on volume = the amount purchased
scale economics = when discounts on volume are applied

to issue (= make and send) an invoice, to bill a client
to pay within 30 days after issuance of the invoice
to apply a discount ON early payments
to do a financial check to avoid bad payers/late payers


to deliver (=send) a product/service
to deliver a milestone = big piece of a large project
to set a deadline (= final date) for the next delivery/milestone
to define the timeline of the project = calendar of deliveries
to shorten (=make shorter) the delivery times