Exercise on Present Simple and Present Continuous

Use the verb in brackets to fill the blanks using the right tense. Key answers in comments.

We  __________ (stay) at the hotel until Sunday morning.

______ you ______ (know) Ms Cooper, our Marketing Director?

Don't start eating! I __________ (get) to the restaurant in ten minutes.

She __________ (take) dancing lessons every Wednesday evening.

A: "There's a football match on TV." B: "Who __________ (play)?"

Professional musicians __________ (practice) everyday.

Call the technician! The central heating __________ (not, work).

Tonight I __________ (go) to the movies with Mary.

An inspector __________ (come) today at lunchtime. Make sure the kitchen is clean!

You __________ (drive) me crazy! Can you tell me what __________ (go) on?

Our company _________ (manufacture) its products in China and __________ (sell) them all across Europe.

I __________ (not, usually, travel) by bus, but today I __________ (take) one.

My friends and I __________ (get) together every year to remember the old good times.

Our sales  __________ (rise) this quarter, so we __________ (plan) on hiring more staff.

I __________ (feel) very sick this morning. Can you tell the boss I ___________ (not go) to work?