Speaking habits in English

After much reading and listening to English, you'll often find yourself thinking in English.
On that stage, you'll be prepared for fluent conversations, but who with?

Online language exchanges: Also called language tandems. Once again, the solution is online. Sites like Lenguajero bring language learners together to practice with one another through applications such as Skype.

Face-to-face language exchanges: For those of you living in large cities, and University o tourist towns, it mustn't be difficult to find some local language exchange group. Check up for them on Meetup.com, Couchsurfing.com or google "language exchange your-city" -or similar keywords- and you'll very likely find exchange groups and individual tandems.

Private lessons: A bit more expensive, but more effective than the previous choices. Whereas learners in language exchanges just talk and listen, good teachers will correct your grammar and pronunciation mistakes and explain you why you make them, as well as provide you with more natural expressions. If you are willing to study grammar and vocabulary on your own, you'll make the most of your time with your teacher just by speaking, listening, and being corrected.

In case you're considering to take online private lessons, feel free to check our fares and contact us.