Exercise: Prepositions IN, ON and AT

Lesson on the prepositions in, on and at

Check the answers on the first comment below

Can we meet _____ lunchtime?
I prefer studying _____ night.
I saw her sitting _____ a bench _____ the park.
She carries lots of things _____ her bag.
I'll grab some food _____ my way home.
They won the National Cup _____ 2011.
The Japanese sit down _____ the floor to eat.
Tell your son not to draw _____ the walls.
She has a strange scar _____ her arm.
Write it down _____ your agenda.
He must be studying _____ his room.
I don't usually work _____ Saturdays.
Put all the dirty dishes _____ the tray.
All my favourite songs are _____ this track list.
Where are the pans and pots _____ this kitchen?
The train departs _____ 8 o'clock _____ the evening.
I am working full time _____ the moment.
You will find many notes _____ the end of the book.
My desk is right _____ the middle of the office.
In Britain, there is a kettle _____ every house.
Teenagers spend long hours _____ shopping centres.
I don't have time to go and have lunch _____ home.
I have an appointment with the doctor _____ Tuesday morning.
It's cheaper to go on holidays _____ June or September.
The child was born _____ the 24th of January.
All my family gets together _____ Christmas Day.
I will be _____ holidays till September.
Make sure all the details _____ the application are correct.
Is there any interesting show _____ TV tonight?
All my important files are saved _____ this folder.
We have found a copy of the book _____ Amazon.com.
I think I don't have your number _____ my phone.
You can go out and have your meal _____ the grass.
There used to be more benches _____ the streets.
There are lots of bikes and channels _____ Amsterdam.
The guard _____ the security gate made me open my luggage.
The lady _____ the information desk couldn't speak any Spanish.
We will be waiting for you _____ the restaurant.
He may be promoted to a managing position _____ the IT department.
Let's meet _____ the statue _____ Main Square.
How do you cope with the nasty weather _____ Britain?
We'll celebrate her birthday _____ her parent's.
Sometimes, I have to stay _____ work till late.
Please send you applications _____ recruitment@randomserver.com.
These are the points we'll discuss _____ the meeting.
When I was younger, I preferred working _____ the evening.
Every summer, there's a Performing Arts festival _____ the streets of Edinburgh.
The trade fair will be held _____ the Exhibition Centre _____ April.
That customer always sits _____ the back of the cafe and works _____ her computer.
The concert _____ the Opera Hall may be cancel due to the leading singer's health problems.
You have to get off _____ Victoria Station. There take the train to Brighton _____ platform 2.