Exercise. Reported Imperatives.

 Exercise. Reported Imperatives.

Turn the following imperative senteces into reported imperatives:Find the answers in the first comment.

I told you: "Tell me about your problems".
I'd like __________ me about your problems.

I told her: "Introduce me to your friends".
I told __________ me to her friends.

I'll tell my boss: "Don't shout at me any more!".
I'll tell __________ at me anymore!

He told his neighbour: "Turn the volume down".
He asked __________ the volume down.

I'll tell Sarah: "Come to movies with me this weekend".
I'll ask __________ to the movies this weekend.

They told us: "Don't wear long hair in the restaurant kitchen".
They'd like __________ long hair in the restaurant kitchen.

I said: "All the tables must be clean before the customers arrive".
I need __________ clean before the customers arrive.

His parents told him: "Study Economics or Law".
His parents want __________ Economics or Law.

She said: "I'd like a light appartment near the coastline".
She'd like __________ light and near the coastline.

The board told us: "Do your best during this quarter".
The company needs __________ our best during this quarter.

I told them: "Don't be so loud! I'm reading a book".
I told __________ so loud because I was reading a book.