English Vocabulary List about Marketing and Sales


to advertise a product/service = let people know about it
an advertisement = a piece of advertising in press, TV, internet
an ad = short for advertisement, informal
to advertise, do advertising = to create advertisements

to get (good/bad ) publicity = when people get to know you, through ads, news, word of mouth
to earn a reputation = become known for certain qualities
word of mouth = recommendations of users, no advertising

referrals = when you get new clients through current
to refer someone TO someone = recommend, tell to speak to
to post ads = to publish ads online or on notice boards
notice board = cork board for print ads, held with pins
online & offline/printed advertising

TV or radio commercials = audiovisual ads
TV spot = TV commercial
commercial breaks = group of commercials shown together
the commercial will be aired = broadcasted, emitted, shown
a celebrity = a famous actor/pop singer/athlete
a celebrity endorsement = backing, support

to draw (=catch, get, obtain) their attention  
it catches the eye = it's visually attractive, an eye candy
a catchy song/tune/jingle = easy to remember
a tag line =the slogan, phrase linked to a product
a motto = a slogan for a company/organisation/nation

brand = name of a product or service
a trademark = brand or logo with intellectual property
branding = ads that raise awareness over a brand
rebranding = to change qualities linked to a brand
corporate image = logo, colours, slogans linked to a brand

advertising agency, advertiser = specialised firm
a briefing = instructions, for an advertising campaign
marketer, marketing consultant = specialist
print/web/graphic designer = artist, creator
PR agent = public relations, events, press releases

Online Marketing

online marketer = online ads specialist
community manager =  social media specialist
the video went viral = become popular, shared many times
email newsletters, bulletins = email ads send to many users
classified ads = short listed ads
social media = Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on
and so on = etcetera, etc, and the like

a banner = ad on a the top or side of website
sponsored content = website or show funded by a sponsor
sponsor = company funding an event/show/website
a header = top section of a website
a footer = bottom section of a website

Google Adwords = paid ads featuring in Google searches
featuring = showing, coming up, appearing
SEO = search engine optimisation, to rank high on Google
keywords = words used by potential clients to find services

to record (= register, keep) data
to work out (=calculate) the cost
to reckon (= estimate, forecast) the performance
the performance (=results) of your advertising
web analytics = to measure traffic, clicks, conversion rates
to monitor (= track, follow) parameters/indicators/KPIs

KPIs = key performance indicators
conversion rate = how many visitors buy
click rate = how many visitors click your link
to place an order = make an order, order a product
to measure the ROI= return of investment
"I invested $100 and earned $200. It's a ROI of 200%."

Printed ads

brochures, leaflets = paper ads, often foldable
catalogue = several pages, showing many products
posters = large format for walls
coupon, voucher = to offer discounts (=lower prices)
10% off = 10% discount
an insert = ad thrown into a magazine or newspaper

flyers = cards for small businesses, establishments
cartons = large flyers
a splash page = a full page ad/image
business cards = for individual professionals
front cover = first page of a publication
back cover = last page

In person

trade fair = convention, exhibition for a particular industry
a stand = space for individual exhibitors
put UP a stand = build/have a place in a trade fair
fairground, exhibition center = place to hold trade fairs
fest, gathering = convention for an entertainment industry

to stand OUT (over the rest)= to get noticed
do something remarkable/outstanding = impressive
to get noticed = get people's attention
to go unnoticed = nobody noticed you
to go unseen/unheard = nobody saw/heard you

to hand OUT,  give OUT (samples, ads)= give to many people
to send OUT = send to many people
to give AWAY= give for free (samples, donations, info)


mass-market products = for a general audience, households
niche products = for a very specific audience
households = families, economic term
a market segment = specific audience (age group, gender)
a niche in the market = a need with no solution product yet

to target an audience = to craft your ads for that audience
to get through TO (= manage to reach) your audience
to craft = create, devise, design
be aimed AT = a message/bullet/dart sent TO
"Our products are aimed at middle-income parents."
a wide/narrow audience = big or small
wide/narrow catalogue/choice/range/possibilities

customers = those who buy your products, often at shops
clients = those who buy your personalised services
potential customers/clients = they may eventually buy
prospective clients = potential, formal
to prospect FOR new leads/clients = a marketer/salesperson seeking new clients
leads = contacts details from potential clients

to seek = search, look for, often people/qualities/love
to cater (=satisfy, work for) someone's needs
"We cater small businesses in the hospitality industry."
hospitality = restaurants, pubs, hotels, ...
retail = shops, catering final consumers
B2B = business-to-business products and services
B2C = business-to-customer products and services
consumers = customers of final products

Market analysis

R&D = research & development
to come UP WITH (= think of, create) an idea/slogan
to devise (=create/come up with)a solution/product
to meet (=satisfy) your customers' needs
to bring (added) value = cheaper, faster, more convenient
product developers = they develop/creata products

brainstorming = coming up with many ideas
SWOT analysis = strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
strength = current advantage of your product/ides
weakness = current disadvantage, flaw
threat = potential problem

market trends, consumer trends = changes in the market
it's IN, it's INTO fashion = it's popular now
it's OUT, it's OUT OF fashion = it's popular now
it comes INTO/OUT OF fashion = it becomes (un)popular
a fad = short-lived trend, comes in and out of fashion quickly
is hyped = very advertised but not really good

brand-new and second-hand products
luxury/premium products = expensive and high quality
upscale/high-end/upmarket products = expensive, luxurious
high-end market = wealthy customers
low-cost/budget products = cheap, low or basic quality
low-end/bottom-end market = low-income audience

a price-driven company = our priority is price
a quality-driven company = our priority is quality
to convey an image = to show an image/reputation
to come OFF AS (= appear to be) a reliable brand
reliable = you can rely ON it, believe in it, it's professional