Reported Imperatives. Want someone to do something.

Imperative & Reported Imperative. Differences:

Speak in English! (Imperative).
I want you to speak in English (Reported Imperative).

Don't run in the classroom (Imperative).
I told them not to run in the classroom (Reported Imperative).

Reported Imperatives. Want someone to do something.

Reported Imperative sentences have a tricky structure. Remember this structure:

Want + Someone + To + Do + Something

For example: I want you to speak English.

First verb:
Besides want, the following verbs are also very common: tell, ask, need, would like.

I TOLD you to speak in English.
I'LL ASK him to take me home.
We NEED you to concentrate more.

On this position, you must use an object pronoun (me, you, him, her, ...) or a noun.

She wants ME to work harder.
I told HER to try to understand my situation.
I asked A FRIEND OF MINE to get me a ticket for the concert.

Not to:
The second verb may be negative. We'll use NOT TO:

I'll tell them NOT TO be late.
I told my neighbours NOT TO make noise so late.
I'd like people NOT TO use so many rude words.

Want + Someone + To + Be + Done:
You can even use this structure for things.

I need THE ORDER to be delivered on Saturday morning.
He wants THE STAND not to be located near the stage.
We'd like THE FIRST COURSE to be served at 1 o'clock.