Pronunciation of consonants at the end of words


Many learners fail to pronounce well consonants or groups of consonants at the end of words, mostly speakers of languages with few combinations of consonant sounds (Japanese, Chinese or Spanish).   Here's a list with the most common combinations.

Remember: final D's sound almost as hard as T's (stopped > ssstop't)

Consonant +
hard consonant
Two consonants
+ s
cat             cats

stop             stops stopped
walk walks walked
god gods

job jobs robbed
bag bags bagged
live lives  lift lifts
love loves loved
bath baths bathed
call calls adult adults
teacher teachers work works
name names named
coin coins point points
house houses /_sis/ list lists
wash washes /_shis/ washed
face faces /_sis/ faced
watch watches /_chis/ watched
change changes /_dshis/ changed
freeze freezes /_dsis/

tax taxes /_ksis/ sixth sixths

If you fail to pronounce them correctly, try these two tricks:
- Pronounce the words slowly, make the consonants very long, and a pause between hard consonants (stopped > ssstop'd). Then do it faster.
- Add a vowel sound at the end (stopped > ssstop'de). Then remove it.